OX1 EXFO Fiber Multimeter (OFM)

OX1 EXFO Fiber Multimeter (OFM)

  • Verification and troubleshooting of any singlemode fiber link up to 40 km
  • FTTx service activation: GPON, EPON, XPGS-PON, 10GE EPON
  • FTTx last mile installation and repair, including in-service testing
  • Last mile/access network installation and repair
  • MDU installation
  • Fiber health check-up
  • Power level testing
  • Insertion loss and ORL testing
  • Fiber break location
  • Fault identification and location (splices, connectors, macrobends


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Evaluate the quality of fiber links in seconds.

An innovative, fast and simple-to-use fiber optic tester, Optical Explorer verifies optical links in seconds and automatically explores further when potential issues are suspected. It’s the first optical fiber multimeter (OFM) — an essential handheld tool for fiber optic technicians, alike to well-known multimeters used for electrical circuits. OFMs do quick measurements of multiple key optical parameters such as loss (dB), optical return loss (dB), length (meters) and power (dBm). It helps technicians verify fiber optic link health and troubleshoot potential issues.

Empower frontline fiber technicians to do more, faster !!

Designed for Efficiency

EXFO’s extensive experience in field testing instruments has gone into creating Optical Explorer. Its ergonomic, robust design is a perfect fit for today’s field technician. The Optical Explorer leverages built-in expertise to diagnose the quality of your fiber—reliably and quickly.

OX1 The First Optical Fiber Multimeter (OFM)

Instant Link Verification with Embedded Fault Tracking

At the core of the intelligent multimeter: Flash Advisor

More tools to make diagnostics and troubleshoot
To complement the link verification or when the KPIs do not meet expectations, the Optical Explorer offers a suit of diagnosis tools and troubleshooting functions. They allow technicians to further understand the link and to identify weak points or impairments.

 Swift link verification with embedded fault tracking with Fault Explorer

Quickly verify a link after an installation or a repair while automatically, and only when needed, exploring potential faults. Within five seconds, Fault Explorer will display the KPIs (link loss, ORL and length) while tracking suspicious events. In the case of suspected underlying issues, Optical Explorer will automatically allocate extra testing time to precisely diagnose any kind of impairments or clear all doubts. Fault Explorer goes beyond flagging severe events like a fiber break, it identifies macrobends or any link component that is over-attenuating or over-reflecting, giving technicians the chance to optimize the link and solve issues onsite without any further escalation.

 Link verification and element mapping with Link Mapper 

Link Mapper verifies the link and locates all faults and detectable elements. This visibility allows for “as found/as left” reports and helps to easily pinpoint faulty elements by reading their relative positions instead of interpreting the distance (e.g., specifying the fourth connection of the link versus the connection at 4.65 km).

Light and identify a fiber

Optical Explorer can be operated as a source in continuous mode or modulated signal (270 Hz, 330 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz) for fiber identification.

Check power and identify a fiber
Check power level or loss or detect a tone to identify and trace a fiber.


Dedicated functions for the FTTH last mile
FTTH last mile architectures come with their own set of challenges. Optical Explorer brings additional specialized tests to meet the needs of these use cases.

On the left, Optical Explorer informs the user that
the expected splitter is not found. In second picture, Optical
Explorer found the expected splitter, confirming link continuity

Last mile connectivity-to-splitter check
By detecting the splitter presence or absence, Optical Explorer (the PRO model) can help technicians narrow down the root cause of a “no light” scenario on the customer side. Confirming the connectivity to splitter will allow excluding a continuity issue at the splitter, therefore pointing to a mixed fiber issue
or a problem in the CO (OLT not emitting or not connected). Or, not finding the splitter would raise a flag on a possible disconnection at splitter.

  Demarcation function
In FTTH last mile, the demarcation function is particularly helpful when a drop section (or vertical) of the link is installed and connected to the distribution fiber (horizontal). An installer can check that the section up to where the demarcation point meets the requirements (notably link length and loss) while providing full visibility for the operator on last mile optical health.


Pair Optical Explorer with the TestFlow mobile app and leverage your smart device for:

  • Occasional PDF reporting from the field to share on the go via email, text message or your favorite messaging app
  • Cloud storage and full job documentation
  • Get even more if your organization uses TestFlow’s
    collaboration solution thanks to job management and
    results sharing in real time.

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