LinkSprinter LinkRunner AT LinkRunner G2 AirCheck G2 OneTouch AT, G2 or 10G
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Copper Copper/Fiber Copper/Fiber/Wi‑Fi1
Wi-Fi/Copper Copper/Fiber/Wi-Fi
10-second Network Connectivity Test:
  • 10/100/1G link validation
  • PoE voltage
  • Link speed/duplex w/1Gig downshift warning
  • Switch detail including slot/port/VLAN/Voice VLAN
  • DCHP or static IP validation
  • Gateway router
  • Internet reachability
  • Cable test with distance to fault
Includes Functionality of LinkSprinter Plus:
  • 10/100/1G link validation
  • TruePower™ PoE loaded power test up to Class 4
  • Network connectivity test over copper and fiber
  • Programmable AutoTest profiles
  • Up to 10 connectivity validation targets per AutoTest
  • Remote reflector for OneTouch
Includes Functionality of LinkRunner AT Plus:
  • 10/100/1G link validation
  • TruPower™ PoE loaded power test up to four pair UPOE
  • Android™ OS1 allows customization
  • IoT device support via Android apps
  • Wi-Fi2 and Bluetooth allow network and device connection
  • Color touch screen display
  • Charge off PoE
Wireless Network Connectivity Test:
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac test
  • Wireless performance testing with iPerf
  • Detect/locate access points
  • View channel utilization
  • Determine 802.11 vs. non-802.11 traffic by channel
  • 10-second Network Connectivity Test
Wired/Wireless Network Connectivity Test:
  • 10/100/1G/10Gig link validation
  • 802.1 a/b/g/n/ac test
  • Inline VoIP analysis & packet capture (G2 only)
  • 2 GByte packet capture
  • Path performance testing top 10Gig
  • Remote control and file transfer
  • Programmable AutoTest profiles
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Wireless Architects
Network Engineers
Network Administrators


Documentation: All testers support automated test result upload to the included Link-Live Cloud Service for results management and reporting. Link-Live provides a way for teams to easily keep track of wired and wireless network connectivity including additional information that can be appended to each test such as jack location to document the connection path to switch slot/port/VLAN, and even photos of end device attributes such as serial number, asset tag, QR/Barcode, etc.
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