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netAlly AirMagnet Spectrum XT


Trying to pinpoint the source of Wi-Fi interference on a wireless network is hit or miss with the wrong tools. AirMagnet Spectrum XT is a Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer that offers a combined view of impact analysis of RF interference on the wireless network’s overall performance. This versatile solution is available in a universal USB form factor, and works on any Microsoft Windows notebook, netbook or tablet PC.

With the wireless spectrum analyzer software, proactively identify and locate any radio frequency (RF) interference impacting WiFi network performance.

  • Industry’s only professional and USB-based RF interference wireless spectrum analyzer software for the Wi-Fi band (2.4/5/4.9 GHz).
  • Confidently rule out any radio frequency (RF) interference-generated impact on WiFi network performance and maximize wireless interference troubleshooting efficiency.
  • Get the job done right the first time and prevent costly rework by driving to root cause of WiFi interference and network performance issues with zero-day RF Interference Intelligence to identify, classify and locate non WiFi interference sources.
  • Minimize wireless network interference troubleshooting effort and time by not having to interpret “squiggly lines” or manually match classification patterns, and instead be powered by the industry’s largest classification database and auto pattern recognition that helps identify any RF interference source in the world.
  • Prioritize WIFI interference troubleshooting activities and reduce time to locate and fix wireless network issues with the WiFi spectrum analyzer built-in WiFi impact analysis capability.
  • Dedicated wireless network troubleshooting solution guaranteeing RF interference-related fault detection as compared to “time-slicing monitoring functionality” or “AP-centric views” built inside the wireless network infrastructure.
  • Maximize your AP infrastructure investment and wireless network performance by choosing the strongest and cleanest Wi-Fi channel without RF interference.
  • Secure the Wi-Fi network by verifying “no Wi-Fi zones” and detecting intentional RF interference sources such as RF jammers.
  • Accelerate deployment projects and minimize expensive wireless LAN performance impact due to RF interference sources by performing simultaneous Spectrum and Wi-Fi analysis in a single site survey walk through via integration with AirMagnet Survey PRO.
  • Create customized reports to enable efficient hand over of results and RF interference issues found



DC power Voltage supply 5 volts; Active Power: 2 Watts
Capture Limit Dependent on Hard disk space
Amplitude accuracy +/- 2 dB
Resolution Bandwidth 156.3 KHz
Max Input 0 dbm
Sweep time 64 msec per 20 MHz or 64m sec per channel


Model Name Description Price

AirMagnet Spectrum XT (USB Based) 

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1 year AllyCare Support for AirMagnet Spectrum XG – AM/B4070

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AM/B4070-3YS 3 year AllyCare Support for AirMagnet Spectrum XG – AM/B4070 Get a Quote
AM/B4072 AirMagnet USB Spectrum Adapter – Replacement Only Get a Quote
AM/A4040 AirMagnet Directional Antenna Get a Quote
AM/D1080 NETSCOUT D1080 802.11A/B/G/N/AC USB Adapter (different versions available depending on regulatory domain) Get a Quote
AM/A1480 AirMagnet WLAN Design and Analysis Suite Bundle (Survey PRO/Planner, WiFi Analyzer PRO and Spectrum XT) Get a Quote
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Supported Adapters

RF Spectrum Analysis (mandatory wireless adapter required to run Spectrum XT)

AirMagnet Spectrum XT Adapter (USB form factor). An omni-directional antenna is included in the package.
Additional Wi-Fi Analysis (Requires optional AirMagnet-supported Wi-Fi adapter)
AirMagnet Spectrum XT offers additional Wi-Fi analysis features in addition to the spectrum features supported by the AirMagnet Spectrum USB adapter. This does NOT remove the requirement for an AirMagnet Spectrum USB adapter, without which the Spectrum XT software will not work.

AirMagnet supports the following wireless adapters for additional analysis:
1. Preferred adapters: Adapters that have been comprehensively tested by AirMagnet and are recommended for use with the AirMagnet products. (contact us for further information)

Additional Bluetooth Analysis
AirMagnet Spectrum XT offers enhanced Bluetooth interferer information using an optional Windows-compatible Bluetooth adapter. The enhanced information includes details on the name, ID, services, etc. for Bluetooth devices. Users can either use the Bluetooth adapter that is built into their PC or can use an external adapter.

AirMagnet Directional Antenna (Optional)
The AirMagnet Directional Antenna will enhance the RF detection and capabilities of AirMagnet Spectrum XT in a single direction helping narrow down the search pattern far more effectively. It is small, light and portable.

System Requirements

Laptop/Notebook PC/Tablet PC

Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows 7 Enterprise/PROfessional/Ultimate 64-bit, or Microsoft Windows 8.1 PRO/Enterprise 64-bit or Microsoft® Windows 10 PRO/Enterprise 64-bit
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.00 GHz (Intel® Core™ i5 or higher recommended)
2 GB RAM required (4 GB recommended)
250 MB free hard disk space
USB Port, multiple ports in the PC when using optional wireless adapter
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Apple® Macbook® PRO

Operating Systems: MAC OS X v10.9 (or higher) running a supported Windows OS (as noted under Laptop/Notebook PC/Tablet PC section) using Boot Camp®
Intel®-based 2.2 GHz Core 2 Duo or higher
2 GB RAM required (4 GB recommended)
250 MB free hard disk space
USB Port, multiple ports in the PC when using optional wireless adapter
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

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