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Fluke 3130 Portable Pressure Calibrator


The Fluke 3130 Portable Pneumatic Pressure Calibrator is ideal for calibrating pressure transmitters, transducers, gauges and similar devices. The Fluke 3130 contains everything you need to generate, control and measure pressure, as well as read the output of the device under test (DUT).




Operating temperature -10 °C to +50 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C to +60 °C
Power requirements 12 V dc (Universal ac adapter/charger supplied)
Battery Internal 3800 mAh advanced NiMH pack

Operating time

On full charge Approx 50 hours (Measure only or external air; no
Using internal pump Approx 100 calibration cycles to 300 psi


Dimensions 15.25 in L x 12 in W x 7 in D
Weight ~7 kg (15 lb)
EMI/RFI conformance EN61326:2006 Annex A
Connectors/ports 1/8 in NPT (External supply port and test port)
Included accessories Manual, NIST-traceable certificate, test leads, universal
ac adapter/charger


Pressure (internal pump) -80 kPa to 2 MPa (-12 to 300 psi, -0.8 to 20 bar)
Pressure (external air) 0 to 2 MPa (0 to 300 psi, 0 to 20 bar)
mA 0 to 24.000 mA
Volts 0 to 30.000 V dc
Engineering units psi, bar, mbar, kPa, MPa, kgf/cm2, mmH2O @ 4 °C,
mmH2O @ 20 °C, cmH2O @ 4 °C, cmH2O @ 20 °C,
inH2O @ 4 °C, inH2O @ 20 °C, inH2O @ 60 °F, mmHg
@ 0 °C, inHg @ 0 °C

Instrumental measurement uncertainty

Pressure ±(0.025 % of reading + 0.01 % FS)
mA ±(0.015 % of reading + 0.002 mA)
Volts ±(0.015 % of reading + 0.002 V)

Temperature effect (all functions)

No effect on accuracy on all functions from 15 °C to 35 °C
Add ± 0.002 % F.S./°C for temps outside of 15 °C to 35 °C



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3130-G2M/C Portable Pressure Calibrator with US, EUR, UK, and China/Australia line cords (ISO 17025 accredited calibration) Get a Quote


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