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E Instruments Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Indoor Air Quality Monitors Guide


Parameters & Features    AQ-Comfort     AQ-Pro     AQ-VOC     AQ-Expert  
% Relative Humidity, Dew Point, Wet Bulb Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ambient Temperature Measurements Yes Yes Yes Yes
Differential Pressure Measurements Yes Yes Yes Yes
Barometric Pressure Measurements Optional Yes Yes Yes
REAL-TIME Datalogging Software Optional Yes Yes Yes
Continuous Sampling Pump Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internal Memory 2,000 Tests 2,000 Tests 2,000 Tests 2,000 Tests
Wireless BLUETOOTH Printer Option Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gas Sensors Options        
Upgradeable: Include Up to Three Gas Sensors   Yes Yes  
Upgradeable: Include Up to Seven Gas Sensors       Yes
O2 (0 - 25%)   (Option) (Option) (Option)
CO2 (0 - 5,000 ppm) Yes (Option) (Option) Yes
CO (0 - 200 ppm) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option)
H2S (0 - 100 ppm)   (Option) (Option) (Option)
TVOC’s (0-20,000 ppb OR 0 - 200 ppm)     Yes (Option)
Formaldehyde (0 - 10 ppm)     (Option) (Option) (Option)
NO (0 - 250 ppm)   (Option) (Option) (Option)
NO2 (0 - 20 ppm)   (Option) (Option) (Option)
SO2 (0 - 20 ppm)   (Option) (Option) (Option)
O3 (Ozone: 0 - 5 ppm)       (Option)


 Catalog : E Instruments 2017 Product Catalog

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